A complete guide to buy a best essential oil diffuser

Nature is what I love the most, and you should too… I am sure you are also a nature lover….right? That’s why you are here to know more about its benefits, usages and latest ways to improve your life and live a healthy life.

As a mother of 3 naughty angles at home, a psychology graduate, a keen researcher and a self oriented product guide, I have gone through 10 challenging years of continuous learning and achievement. During these years, I have been trying to keep my home a calm and relaxed place for my family and especially for my kids. I never have encouraged the use of unnecessary medications, pills, relaxation treatments other than nature based ingredients and components taken from around our natural habitat.

I have always tried to help others, find the best solutions for their problems or assist them to find the latest gadgets, appliances that only use nature based products or ingredients or even certain processes that are already around us and can help counter our issues if paired with the latest technological gadgets.

So, here is my latest find based on the nature based alternative methods that can help everybody to live a healthy, pure and calm life with days full of joy and nights having a soothing effect every time you need to relax your nerves. For a nature inspired life this is my second venture, while the first was about exploring the health benefits of the white noise machine in calming nerves and reducing noise based stress.

Let’s start with the introduction and a little about essential oil diffusers and what they can do for you.

What you need to know about essential oil diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser refers to a little gadget, that works to diffuse an aroma oil or essential oil into the air to disperse the aroma along with its natural components.

Though it’s a basic thing, but still I should tell here: diffusion is a process through which anything or element in the form of small particles or vapors can be dispersed to the areas where the concentration of any element is low or may be at zero.

Though, in old times, people use to diffuse essential oils through various methods. These oils were put on a piece of cloth to inhale, or heated gently to diffuse the oil around the room. But as a fact, such methods have limited utility and had a lot of issues. Through these methods people were not able to diffuse the oils for long hours and required consistency.

What we have got today are the essential oil diffusers that come in various forms and features and offer various levels of performances, the volume of the EO diffusion and qualities for the user.

Among the most commonly found diffusers found today include, humidifiers, reed diffusers, nebulizers, ultrasonic diffusers, heat diffusers, etc. All these forms of diffusers are preferred for various uses and the amount of EO that is required to be diffused in the air.

A brief intro about various forms of diffusers:

Reed diffusers: uses reeds dipped in the mixture of Eos and diffuses the oils into the air

Reed diffusers


Heating diffusers: heat the EOs to diffuse them in the air(the process harms the chemical composition of the essential oils and may not entertain you to enjoy all the EO health benefits you can avail otherwise). Only benefit via scent of the EOs.

heating diffuser

Ultrasonic diffusers: uses ultrasonic frequencies vibrate the container’s base where you have placed the EO mixture and that causes the micro particles of water and the EOs to get diffused in the air.

Ultrasonic diffusers

Humidifiers: humidifiers are the diffusers that causes heavy diffusion of water molecules along EOs and the heavy steam comes out of the diffuser. Not suitable when you are living in humid conditions.


Nebulizers: nebulizers make use of steam passing above the essential oil reservoir and create and aromatic steam. These are best for inhaling purpose in winters for blocked nose, skin issues and allergy treatments. Not best for continuous usage because it will increase humidity levels and are not beneficial in the summers or humid conditions.



Incenses are also used to create a soothing environment through fabulous fragrances extracted from natural sources, i.e plants, herbs and flowers. The incense that consists of EO extracts as their scent, are good for the purpose to spread a soothing smell around, but cannot diffuse the EOs in its natural form as they use heat to spread the scent.

Now skipping through these types, I’d like to give you an idea about how and why one is better than all of these types. Though all of these have their own uses and benefits for particular circumstances, but one type is the KING of all, because all uses and benefits are covered by the one I am referring to. It is the ultrasonic diffusers I am talking about.

Here is why you should buy an ultrasonic diffuser instead of other EO diffusion methods:

If you have got a best essential oil diffuser in your hand, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits, that you might be able to avail by using multiple diffuser types that I already have discussed.

You may know the following facts about using an essential oil diffuser:

  • You can use an ultrasonic diffuser as a humidifier as it creates a mist while diffusing the oils.
  • You can use it as a nebulizer by selecting its heavy diffusion mode (if offered by the product you have got)
  • You can use it in place of reed diffusers as they will give you a continuous scent around you without using heat


Why should I buy an essential oil diffuser machine?

Why you should do this? Why you should not use other ways to diffuse EOs, when you have a best essential oil diffuser? Here are the reasons:

Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers don’t heat EOs, do they would not change or alter its natural composition and you can benefit from all the healthy components the oil has.

  1. They can be used in any weather, atmospheric or climatic conditions as you can control the amount of mist produced.
  2. You can use the ultrasonic diffusers again and again while some of the other methods like reeds, and incense may require continuous disposal of old units and placing new ones.
  3. Ultrasonic diffusers come with added features like lights and sounds which make it a multifaceted gadget and will serve even better and can serve in varied conditions, playing many roles, like as a night light, a sound conditioner, etc.
  4. They are easy to carry, easy to operate and also can be maintained and cleaned for a long time usage.

Top rated essential oil diffusers on the market

I have picked 5 of the most reliable ultrasonic diffusers which are trusted by customers and have got the maximum abilities you might have been looking for.

I have tried to give you my opinion as a fact I have searched a lot and analyzed them carefully. Hope you will find it helpful.

Botella Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve® – Aromatherapy Diffuser

I have found Deneve Botella essential oil diffuser as one of the most trusted and assumed to be flawless, on the basis of customers’ experiences and reviews online. What I have concluded about the diffuser is as follows:

What is good about the Botella essential oil diffuser:

No noise, no heating up, no vibrations and very easy to use-so, you should not afraid of getting one as you will be in no problems while using it. The diffuser has been designed to give you a contemporary gadget for diffusing essential oils. It has been given a simple shape and designed to stay firmly on a smooth and plain surface without spilling the liquid inside. The diffuser comes with two buttons, one is to turn the mist on and the other is used to put the light function to work. You can choose 2 different mist modes by clicking the button once to run it on eco-mode. With eco-mode the diffuser runs with some intervals and can cope up with a 250 sq ft area for 6 hours containing 100ml (max water container capacity). While if you press the mist button again, it runs on continuous mode, giving you 3 hours of continuous mist when filled to its maximum capacity i.e 100ml.

Further, it has got a light button that gives you an opportunity to turn on the changing color light. The light and mist feature can be used separately, this makes the user able to use the diffuser as a night light or turn off the light when you need only the mist.

Another specialty that makes it a beloved ultrasonic diffuser, is its ability to give you an ambient sound to soothe your nerves that come from the bubbling water that is boiling within the water container. It is free from any other kind of vibration and noises and the bubbling sound has only been kept there to give you a soothing effect via 3 of your senses that is through smell, vision and soothing sound.

It runs quietly and only gives an ambient, soothing bubbling sound and turn off automatically. It is every easy to clean, use and maintain.

300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser,URPOWER®


I found this one as “huge impact” diffuser. I gave this one this name because of its huge water capacity of 300ml and an ability to run for about 10 hours consistently. Another “big” factor about the product is its ability to cover about 269sq ft of space. The operational advantages of this URPOWER essential oil diffuser include, two separate buttons for light and mist. The light button can give you the option to choose between light ON, 7 changing lights function and steady light functions. You can use the same button to change the settings. The other button that is meant to control the mist function, can give you an option to select between 4 timer settings from 6H, 3H, 1H and on consistently till the water ends. It shuts off automatically as soon as the water gets low and about to be diffused out, totally. It functions without any motor noise. The lights can be controlled separately and can also be used as a night light. It is perfect to be used in a room, living room, spa or in your office, giving you a hassle free aroma effect as long as you need. Can be used as a humidifier or aromatherapy diffuser. Has an excellent wood grain appearance and has a medium sized body which gives a great look wherever it has been put to work. Must see what is there for you, as almost all of the people who bought it have enjoyed their aromatherapy sessions along this miraculous diffuser.

ZAQ Dew LiteMist Ultrasonic diffuser

ZAQ Dew is one of the top picks I am going to introduce, today. As a matter of fact, this is a precious style based useful diffuser that depicts the designs inspired by a raindrop that just has dripped on the earth and has a light emitting semi transparent, slightly white, top portion the center of which has the mist diffusing nozzle on the top most position. The below part is made of opaque white or black base. There is a round button to control the mist and the colored lights. Press it once to turn it one, twice to stop changing color functions and press thrice to shut the diffuser off. There are 7 different, soothing lights to entertain your stress affected nerves and give you a calming effect with the help of the ionizing effects, diffused essential oils around the air and the colored lights. It can run while using tap water if it’s not hard water. It is whisper quiet and turns off automatically when out of water. The maximum capacity of the water container is 80 ml which keeps the diffuser running continuously for about 4 hours. It can cover a room, having a medium size or about 250 sq ft. A great buy if you need a stylish and useful diffuser.

QUOOZ Lull Aromatherapy Diffuser

A fabulous and most popular essential oil diffuser, that comes with multipurpose functions and has been loved by the users so far. Due to its wonderful features and extreme reliability to provide soothing fumes around a vast area, I have picked it as one of my favorite picks from the diffuser’s market.

It comes in 5 different colors and has a stylish appearance, making it a decorative essential as well as an essential oil diffuser. It can work as a humidifier if used only with water. Tap water can be used along with any kind of essential oils, whether it be a light EO or a heavy, citrus oil, it can work with any of the blend you need to diffuse. There are two buttons to control the light and mist options. One button is for light control, giving you an option to set the light at bright mode or dim mode or even breathing mode. While the mist button is used to control the mist production with a continuous mode or 20 sec off and ON mode. It has a 200ml water container that keeps the diffuser up and running for about 8-10 hours approximately depending upon the mist mode you have selected. Extremely quiet functioning and turns off automatically when the water level drop to a minimum. Safe to be used at night and can give notifiable results while used in bedroom, offices or in living rooms.

PureSpa Deluxe Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Pure spa being the simple, admirable and sleek diffuser brand has gotten a lot of attention by the nature lovers. This diffuser has got a simple design that offers a transparent top portion that gives changing, multicolored lights and has a hole to diffuse the mist. It comes with a 120 ml water tank that helps you to enjoy the desired aroma for 10 hours consistently. The mist can be turned on and off with the help of a single button on the front part, and the lights can be selected as multicolored light or no light at all by pressing the button again.

The diffuser is capable to diffuse any kind of oil including citrus oils and can be cleaned easily without having any issues. It is whisper quiet, turns off automatically and delivered negative ions to elevate the mood and relieve symptoms of stress and fatigue. It is very easy to use and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Where and how shall I find a best essential oil diffuser?

You can find a perfect ultrasonic essential oil diffuser online. But make sure you find and pick the right one manufactured by one of the top rated manufacturers of essential oil diffusers.  If you are not sure how to pick the essential oil diffuser, you should read further:

Step 1:

Your hunt start now!

You should make a list of features you need before you explore through the products. List the features. If you are not aware what you need to check, here is a list of important features you should see in an essential oils diffuser.

  • Quietness should be below 35 db
  • Size and style
  • Type, ionizer, humidifier, diffuser only or multipurpose
  • The quality of mist produced
  • Ability to be used for various types of essential oils, like citrus oils and light oils, etc.
  • Operational options: high medium low. Light only, mist only and hourly settings
  • Preset function: automatic timers and auto shut-off features
  • Water capacity, according to the area you need to cover


Find a reliable online store. Though there are many, but I love AMAZON, because of its wide range of trusted products and reliable purchasing and return policies. It is up to you what source you use to purchase your product, I am only sharing what I know as the best and safest option for everyone.

Go to the store and type into your query “essential oil diffuser or “best essential oil diffuser”

You will get a list of diffuser products on your screen. Now, you must be feeling overwhelmed to see so many options and each of it would seem perfect to buy. But it is not true. Not each of the best options you have would be perfect for you.

Make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the product and also how well it matches your needs. So what to do? Here is your guide:

  1. Shortlist the diffusers on the basis of the best reviews and experiences. Make sure you only consider the product that has a higher number of verified purchasers (indicated on amazon) with a positive experience.
  2. Analyze the features of the shortlisted products and pick the one that has all the features you need. We have given a list above. You can select the features you actually need.
  3. You will end up with a few of the diffusers you that are close to your requirements. You can narrow down your search by analyzing some other features like, best brand, price, designs and looks, etc.



After selecting the one you like the most, add it to your cart and proceed through the next steps as required.

That is all,  your diffuser will arrive with all the exciting features it has got.

Tips to use ultrasonic diffusers in a  safe way:

Some facts are very important to know for essential oil diffusers, but unfortunately they have been ignored by most of the users who don’t have enough knowledge about these little machines. Here are a few things that would help you run your diffuser safely:

  • Always place your diffuser on a stable, sturdy and plain surface.
  • Run your diffuser on a consistent power supply.
  • Never fill the water container too high or above the water level mark.
  • Clean your diffuser on a regular basis.
  • Never wash the diffuser under a water tap, rather use a damp cloth to clean it off.
  • Use the type of essential oils that are recommended or are suitable to be used in the particular diffuser as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Always choose a diffuser that can create enough mist for a given area. As if you use a low capacity diffuser for a large area or room space, it would give you the best results.

I have put forth all my efforts and research on these ultrasonic diffusers and intend to give my readers a helpful guide and advice to make sure you have got the right diffuser in your hand. In case you have any questions you can ask me for more help and find your best essential oil diffuser. I’ll keep this page updated as I continue my research on these products and will keep on adding whatever I find helpful for my readers. So stay in touch and enjoy nature at your home.